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Book Love: Why do I love reading?

These are my answers to the question from a recent quiz I released called Book Love Tag. If you want to take the quiz for yourself just pop over to the quiz tab and it will be the first quiz. While you are over there, feel free to check out some of the other quizzes and polls I have done such as "Would You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?"

Why do you like to read?

I love to read because it is such a simple activity but it provides me so much joy. I find the entire experience very magical in the sense that a book is just ink on pages and yet it transports you to another world and makes you care about made up characters as if they were real. I find this so amazing and magical. Reading also allows you to connect with people that you would otherwise not meet and allows you to share an experience. Reading is also a very personal activity since each reader has their own preferences and tastes and yet it is also a communal activity, especially when you stay up all night reading a new favorite book and you just have to gush about it to someone.

What are your favorite genres?

I read all genres but the ones I gravitate more towards are thrillers, mystery, contemporary, romance and literary fiction. I also read books that are middle grade, young adult, and adult. I tend to gravitate more towards adult and YA but I will occasionally read a middle grade. I do want to read more fantasy and sci fi, but I find those books very intimidating due to size and because they normally have very long series. I do really like the genres when I actually start them but starting them is hard.

Read with friends or by yourself?

I like to read with friends since it provides a sense of community. I am a part of an online bookclub and I also have met people via social media. These are recent changes and for a long time I just read by myself.

Are you an online reader or offline reader? (ie. do you share your reading online?)

I am an online reader. I wanted to start my own book blog and Instagram to meet new people who shared the same passion as me. I also really wanted to help other people find books they will love. Though I do have mixed feeling about sharing my reading online (which I could talk about in a future post) I do love recommending people books and talking about books in general.

If you are an online reader, where do you share? Tell me about it.

If you are reading this you most probably know and I just mentioned it above, but I share my reading on this blog and on Instagram (@riversofbooksblog). On the blog I write all things books and nature with no limits on the content or genres covered.

Do you find reading competitive?

Yes, but this is mainly because I am a very competitive person. It is just something that is part of my personality. But in general reading shouldn't be a competitive activity because it is something we do for fun and turning it into a big competition can sometimes take the fun or joy out of it.

When/how did you fall in love with reading?

My love for reading was an on, off thing for a long time. When I was in primary school, my reading comprehension was not the best and that made reading not very fun. I did still love being read to and my mom would get me books from the library regularly. Then in middle school I started reading YA and I found booktube. Since then I considered myself a reader but didn't read a lot. Then near the end of middle school I really took off as a reader. This was also when my book collection started and my home became a library.

Make sure to try this quiz for yourself on the quiz tab! I would love to see your answers!

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