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This is something I had planned for the New Year and then forgot about, but I finally have created them and am ready to share them with you! Making these was just something fun and I hope you enjoy them. Whether you use them or not I would love to hear your feedback on Instagram or in the comments below. Would you like to see more things like this and what kind of designs would you like to see?

There are 4 different sets with different themes and pictures. Each set has one bookmark and coordinating reading tracker. The themes are flowers, space, nature, and a colorable/black and white. Below you will find the printables as well as an infographic that shows you how to print them or even customize them. The bookmarks have a front and back with a quote from a classic book. They do require you to use a color printer, however the colorable set is just black and white which could be a good option if you don't want to make color sheets.

How do I print out these printables?

Follow the steps on the infographic. Then click the three dots at the corner of the screen. Once you do, you will see a variety of ways you can use the printout. If you want to print it out, click the download button. I would choose a PNG or PDF Print.

How do I customize the printables?

Great question! Here is a infographic to show you.

Why are there so many empty spaces?/How can I use these templates?

Though you can customize them on Canva, I wanted to make these as useful to you as possible. Each tracker has lines to write the books you read each month, an area to put your TBR or anticipated books of the month, as well as an open space where you can put the number of pages you read, your favorite/least favorite book you read, or anything else you want. Again, I made these templates as open as possible so you can use them to keep track of whatever you like.

Flower Set

(it does have a background, but it's the same color as the website)

Space Set

Nature Set

Colorable Set

I hope you enjoy these and you like the designs. I would love to create more of these in the future. If you did like these printables, please give the post a like so I know you enjoyed them.

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