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No More Monthly Infos?!?!

Hello! It has been awhile. I took a break from posting because I was/still am in a reading slump and when I'm in a reading slump I don't have anything to write about (go figure!). I also was really busy and I started watching a show so I also stopped reading. But this month I am trying to get back on track.

As I was sitting down to write a new post I was thinking about my monthly infos. Since it is the beginning of May, now is around the time I would be writing one. However, I have decided I am going to stop writing them. I have been thinking these past few months that I don't really know what to write in them anymore. They aren't as fun to write as they were near the beginning of the blog. They are also pretty crammed with information that isn't really interesting and are somewhat info dumpy. It is harder to find specific content I have written because it is all compiled into one post. I also found that creating new content for the monthly info really limits my ability to create new information for the regular posts. Overall, the format of them is no longer working for me.

But then I came to the issue of how I tell you about some of the information such as my TBR or books on my radar that are too short to talk about in a full post but also still fun to share. So I decided to do a newsletter with similar information that will be separate from the blog. It will be a monthly email newsletter that I will email to anyone who wants. It will have similar content as my monthly infos but be presented in a more colorful/easy to read graphic. I'm excited to start these because I enjoy graphic designing and I think it will be a lot of fun to create these newsletters. If you want to receive these monthly newsletters, simply subscribe email me at and let me know you want to be added to the email list. You can also submit a form on the contact page also letting me know you want to be subscribed. Also, don't worry, this is just a monthly thing. If you want to be notified of each post and newsletter, just subscribe to the blog on the home page.

I would love to know your thoughts. Did you like the monthly infos? Are you excited to receive a newsletter each month?

(As a side note, I will be starting these newsletters in June. Additionally, you can also expect some regular content coming later this week!)

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