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Review: Alaskan Holiday by Debbie Macomber

As Thanksgiving is officially over I am in the fully holiday swing. Alaskan Holiday was my first holiday read for this year and I wish I had more positive things to say. Although I didn't love this book, I still think it had some good parts and is still a great December read.

So, there is a lot to unpack and as much as I love Debbie Macomber's books, this one was not it...

This book follows Josie and Palmer. The story starts with an awkward proposal between the two where Palmer, desperate for Josie to not leave Alaska, proposes to her the day before she is meant to leave. Knowing she has a life changing career opportunity in Seattle, she declines despite both having strong feelings. What follows is miscommunication, surprise visits and romance.

I have found I really dislike books that have relationships in them that were made before the book starts. I feel like you don't get to see the chemistry between the characters and it makes it more unrealistic. Additionally, it made this book less of a romance and more like two people's struggles to accept love. I also greatly disliked Jack in the book. He was super impolite and just an interesting personality that I found annoying and unrealistic. Additionally, the scene when he was flirting with Josie's mom was highly unnecessary. The second hand embarrassment was just too real.

In general, I feel like there was one too many unlikeable characters. I did not like Jake or Chef Anton and found them difficult to read because of their personalities. Chef Anton was especially arrogant which made him very annoying to read. I also felt like there was just too much crammed into the short book. I think the focus should be on Josie and Palmer. For example, the mom's relationship was unneeded too.

Although I didn't love this book I will say there were some merits. I loved reading a book set in Alaska, The book takes place in rural Alaska and there is a decent amount about that lifestyle. Also, although you don't see too much actual romance between Josie and Palmer, their happily ever after was really heartwarming. I really loved the epilogue. The last thing I'll say is there is a lack of Christmas in the book. Besides the occasional mention of the holiday, it really isn't present. Overall, it was short, so it was a super fast read and still good for a December read!

Below this post is a review of another Debbie Macomber book that I absolutely loved! If you're looking for a really heartwarming, cozy romance/women's fiction read I would definitely check out my review below!

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