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Review: An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Today I am brining you a short review of a book that I think many people would enjoy because of its quick pace and enjoyable plot. Also, since I just want to recommend this author because I thinks she does a wonderful job creating simple, fast, enjoyable thrillers.

An Unwanted Guest is my second by this author. I really enjoyed it! This is just like a classic Agatha Christie whodunit book. A cast of characters are stranded at this remote inn in the forest with a murderer on the loose…

This isn’t a very complex book in terms of tons of twists, reveals, or story arc, however, it still is a great whodunnit. The pace stays consistent through the whole book and I didn’t find the changing perspectives very confusing, especially if you read the physical book.

It wasn’t perfect and that is why I am giving it 4 stars out of 5. There were things that happen in the book that I really didn’t understand why it had to happen since they didn’t really add much to the story. However, they didn’t worsen the reading experience so I’m not mad they happened. Also, I personally say this is like a 3.5 thriller in terms of plot and originality, however since I did really enjoy the reading experience I have to give it 4 stars.

For thriller newbies, this book is a great starter because it is pretty straightforward but still packs a punch. There are a lot of elements seen in thrillers such as finding out character’s backstories and unsettling atmospheres. I also think you will be especially shocked by the twists. I would also recommend Shari Lapena’s other books since I think they all have a similar vibe.

Something I love about whodunnits is that they have great rereadability. Not all thrillers are super entertaining the second time but rereading whodunits a second time knowing the killer can be especially fun since you can look for clues and foreshadowing.

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