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Review: Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Grace Porter has just completed her PhD in astronomy, thus leaving her open opportunities that she doesn't know how to take. After taking a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas and getting married to a girl who she doesn't even know, she is even more unsure what her career and future hold. With descriptive writing Rogers crafts a story about meeting high parent expectations, self discovery, and living spontaneously.

First off, this book is way less about romance and way more about a girl, fresh out of school trying to find her place in the world and live up to her father’s high standards. The marketing of this book made me think it would be more romance focused but it's actually about 30% of the book. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, however it is something to keep in mind.

One of the stand out aspects of the book is the writing. It is absolutely gorgeous and filled with noteworthy quotes. It was a little repetitive by the end but I did find myself tabbing lots of pages with funny, meaningful and beautiful quotes.

I struggled with rating this book. I would say it’s between a 3.5 and a 4 depending on the section I was reading. Where this book faltered was an engaging plot. This book took me months to finish mainly because I got bored reading it. It’s hard to binge because it’s somewhat dense due to the rich writing and the strong themes. Through most of the book, Grace is trying to figure out what her purpose is and how to meet her father's expectations. Events do happen throughout the book, but I felt they were less the focus.

I feel like the book shone in its characters and writing. Grace was a very realistic, relatable, and fleshed out character who I enjoyed reading about. Her relationships with other people also were interesting. And as I noted earlier, the writing is definitely a stand out quality in this book.

If you are to pick this up, I would go in knowing it’s much more character driven than plot. The story revolves around Grace and her difficulties adapting to being an adult after years of being in school.

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