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Summer Newsletters

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

So as many of you know, I now have a monthly newsletter! Even though I haven't been posting on the blog for a bit, I have been sending out the newsletter to subscribers. It has taken the place of the monthly infos and I have been really enjoying making them each month. For anyone who wants to see what the newsletters are all about before signing up to be added to the official list, here are the last three newsletters. I plan (for the near future) to post the newsletters categorized by season once the season has passed. For example, the summer newsletters are being posted in the fall and the fall newsletters will be posted in winter.

If you want the newsletters when they come out each month you can be added to the newsletter list by emailing me ( and let me know what email I should send the newsletter to! I also want to clarify that the newsletter list is separate from the subscription list so if you have subscribed on the website you will need to sign up for the newsletter list too (by email). This said, the subscribers on the newsletter list will only get the ONE email a month. Subscribers to the newsletter get new updates first, my TBR lists, recipes, exclusive content from me and more!

I hope you enjoy viewing the summer newsletters. There is a lot of different things like recipes, lists, book related tips and more!

June 2021

July 2021

August 2021

Remember! If you want to get these fun newsletters delivered to your email ONCE a month, don't hesitate to send me an email at to sign up!

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